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What Is your Personal Brand?

The internet has changed the way we do business. In the past, people would chose a business by personal referrals, yellow pages, ads, etc. Then the person would call the business and gather additional information. With the internet those days are almost a memory. At a click of a button people can find what they are looking for, and research the companies reputation. Companies spend thousands if not millions a year on branding and hire people whose sole purpose is to maintain its name.

Just like a business brand, personal branding is very important. Anyone can search for individuals and find out almost everything about someone (where they live, family members, marital status, how many kids, income, their last post on facebook and twitter, etc). I have talked with different employers and they have admitted to searching potentiality employees names online, and  have turned down candidates because of how they represented themselves on facebook, twitter, myspace, and other social media sites. It is important for us to be ourselves but not let our emotions get in the way when we are tweeting or responding to a facebook comment. A practice I use before I publish anything online is I read over what is being published to make sure it is not misrepresenting who I am (this holds true to my tweets as well).

The question I ask myself is this: what are people seeing when they search my name? My name is very important to me and I try to be the best person I can (rather it is on the internet or in person it doesn’t matter).   I challenge anyone who reads this to search their name and find out their personal brand. To some it may be shocking to others there may be nothing, regardless what you find I would suggest to start today to create a positive personal brand.

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